Meet The Creators of R3


Denise Pickett-Bernard


Denise is a functional and integrative nutritionist who has developed university and graduate level curricula in culinary nutrition and integrative and functional clinical nutrition. She is considered an expert in culinary nutrition and food-based interventions and is a nationally sought after speaker.  Her passion for excellence influenced the development of R3.


Alan Beckerman


Alan is a holistic chiropractor, athlete and kinesiologist. He has worked with athletes in just about every sport and understands the requirements for elite performance.

The need for a superior hydration drink was compelling. Not finding a satisfactory product, he decided to create one. This resulted in the RevitalizePro 
company and the 
R3 hydration drink.

OUR STORY - The Doctors Behind R3

The concept for ReVitalize Pro started to come together when Dr. Alan met Dr. Denise at a retreat for health practitioners hosted by one of the nutritional companies that they order from.


The conversation covered many areas of nutrition and, as athletes, both these doctors noted that they had not found a satisfactory rehydration drink. Both were experienced with the effects of dehydration in the hot Georgia summer.


The idea for a state-of-the-art functional rehydration/recovery drink was born. Combined, Dr. Alan and Dr. Denise had over 50 years of experience of treating all manner of athletes from professional to weekend warrior. They would use their professional expertise and experience to re-invent the rehydration beverage and in doing so create a rehydration beverage that can help to decrease the possibility of muscle or joint injury. All ingredients in their beverage would have to be functional and best in class. Revitalize Pro had been in development for three years before it was ready for market.